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Here we will deal with any specific problems related to your bike model. We will also highlight other sites that give instructions on how to use the Carbtune with specific models.

Carbtune II will balance the carburetors on virtually any Honda motorcycle, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Laverda and any other 4-stroke bike.

It will also easily and accurately sync the throttles on fuel injection bodies, 4-stroke outboards and snowmobiles. It is also used on high performance motor cars.

The Carbtune will work on virtually any motorcycle with more than one cylinder. The models below are just a few examples. If your bike is not listed just search google for your bike model name followed by Carbtune. For example "CBR900 Carbtune"

Alfa Romeo

See  video here

Aprilia RXV

See  instructions on these models


R-series BMWs can have readings lower than 8cmHg, so it will be off the scale. To get a reading below 8cmHg remove the plastic cable clip from the top cap and insert it in the bottom cap. Hang the Carbtune II upside-down. Ignore the scale figures. Zero will now be around 17cmHg on the scale but the full width red graduations will still be 2cmHg.

R1100S.  Photos and details of how to sync the throttle bodies on this page. In French.

BMW M3 Cars This link for some technical info

          BMW M5 Cars This link for some technical info


See  instructions on these carburettors


See what Ducati video (in Danish)


Goldwing 6 cylinder - Sorry, it won't work on the 6 cylinder model. They have two carbs and give very high readings.

Works fine on the 4-cylinder Gold Wings and also the Valkyrie.

400/4 - CB400/4 video

VFR750 - In Spanish with many photos. Look here

VF750 Magna - look at Arvid Hag's tips - he's from Norway but his site is in English

VFR750 91-97 good photos and directions

VFR800Fi 98-01 tutorial

VFR800Fi tutorial in Spanish

Honda Shadow Sabre - how to sync the Shadow and other maintenance tips

Honda CBR600 - Video from Motor Cycle Monthly sync the CBR600

Honda CBR600F3 - This is in Greek from a Greek forum  CBR600F3

CBR900 - video sync and other maintenance tips

CBR1000F  two videos.  Video 1.   Video 2.

ST1100  using the Carbtune on this model


ZX6R-F3 - Video gives extensive tips

ZX6R-F1 - Video gives extensive tips

ZR7 - Brian Wottowa gives extensive tips and photos

KZ900 - part 1 video guide

KZ900 - part 2 video guide

KZ400 - Odd Ivar has useful universal photos and general tips from Norway

ZG1000 Concours -Try Will England's site

Lotus Esprit

Look here - Lotus Esprit Here are some tips.

Rotax engined Micro-Lite aircraft

If tuning a Micro-lite always walk around the back of the aircraft to avoid the spinning propeller - Micro-Lite Here are some tips and photos


Bandit 600 & 1200 - Try Motor Cyclist magazine and this video of the 1200 being synced.

GS Suzuki  models here are some tips

On older Suzuki models with CV carbs (except GSX400F) the two outside carbs are set about 2.5 - 3.0cmHg higher than the inside pair. For specific model details consult your workshop manual or the Suzuki importer. (If the airbox has been removed set all the carbs the same).

Intruder VS1400 Intruder Alert website has some useful information on using the Carbtune. 

Suzuki SV650  models here are some tips


TT600 - Throttle Body Sync video

Weber 40 DCOE32 calibration and adjustment tuning

You'll find - lots of information here


FJR1300 - link and also instructions in Spanish and photos here   also a video . And 2 more videos here Video 1.   Video 2. 

FZ1 - Angel fire has diagrams showing the adjustment screws or look at Patrick Glenn's highly recommended site for magnificant photos, modifications, accessories, service and maintenance. Or look at this site. Not very technical but it shows the Carbtune being connected and a video of the readings being synced

R1 - check out Roadracers to see how easy it is

R6 look at R6 messagenet to see how it is done

Fazer 600 really good video here well shot and good instructions

FZ6R look here to see how it is done

TDM900 - some very clear photos from a satisfied Morgan customer in Greece - click on the Maintenance/Injection link

V-max - extensive instructions and pictures to help on Iowaz Vmax site

V Star 1100 - photolibrary shows adjustment screws

YICS ( Yamaha Induction Control System) models 1982 onwards - Bryan Edwards shows you how to make a special tool to sync your carbs

XS1100 - describes how to use Colortune and here and synchronising the carburettors

Your bike

If you have carb tuning tips on your site, e-mail us and we will put up a link.




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