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Q. Do I get everything in the kit to balance carburettors?
Yes. The Carbtune Pro comes complete with full instructions and warranty, rubber hoses, dampers and both sets of adapters, 5mm and 6mm, to fit virtually any bike.

Q. Where can I buy the Carbtune?
A. Please look at the list of sellers on this page  You can buy in your own country or nearby

Q. My bike has fuel injection. Do I have to balance them?
Yes. You have to sync the throttle bodies in just the same way as you do with carburettors.

Q. What sort of liquid does it use?
A. It doesn't use any liquids. It has columns of stainless steel that float through guides to indicate the vacuum.

Q. Is it as accurate as dial or clock type gauges?
A. Yes. Infact it is more accurate than any dial or clock type gauges that we have tested. It has better resolution than typical dial gauges and is also much easier to read. The four columns are right beside each other for easy comparison unlike the pointers in dial type gauges.

Q. My dial gauge pointers flicker up and down. Is the Carbtune Pro better damped?
A. Yes. The moving part in the Carbtune Pro is a solid rod. This is too heavy to flicker wildly up and down. It does flicker a bit without any damping but with the damping supplied with the Carbtune Pro the fluctuations are very small. In fact the Carbtune Pro needs a little fluctuation to work properly. We can supply stronger dampers if necessary.

Q. My dial gauges always need recalibrating, is this necessary on the Carbtune Pro?
A. No. The components of the Carbtune Pro are matched during assembly at the factory and will not need any recalibrating. They work on a different principle to dial gauges.

Q. Can I get spare parts if I lose or break them?
A. Yes. All the loose parts are available from Morgan.

Q. What happens if the Carbtune gets dirty or greasy inside?
A. The Carbtune can be dismantled for cleaning and this is described in the instructions. It is very simple to do.

Q. Is the Carbtune guaranteed?
A. Yes. It's guaranteed for a year but we expect it to have a very long service life. Some of our original Carbtunes are still in service after 20 years.

Q. Why is the 2-cylinder model almost the same price as the 4-cylinder model?
A. Both models use the same casing, connector blocks, and mouldings. They also take almost the same time to assemble and test so the production costs are not very different.

Q. If I buy the 2-cylinder model can it be upgraded to a 4 in the future?
A. It's not really feasible as it would have to be completely disassembled and then rebuilt with matching components.

Q. Does the Carbtune Pro work on cars?
A. It does work on some cars, mainly high performance cars, but most cars don't have any facilities to connect gauges to them. It works on BMW M3s, Lotus, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari and similar. Ring for details.

Q. Does it work with outboard motors?
A. It works with the new generation of 4-stroke 4-cylinder engines.

Q. Does it work with snowmobiles?
A. It works with the new generation of 4-stroke snowmobiles like the RX1.

Q. Does the Carbtune work with 2-strokes?
It will work on any engine as long as it has these two points:
1) Somewhere to connect it. The connection will either be a blanked off screw hole or a stub for pushing on a rubber hose. The Carbtune comes with both 5mm and 6mm adapters for screw in fittings and a 5mm id hose for the push on fitting. If you engine has these fittings it should fit. Most two-strokes do not have any connection points although Suzuki triples do.
2) The readings are between 0cmHg to 40cmHG. No problem with 2-strokes.



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