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motorcycle carburetors accurately synchronized

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 The Carbtune Pro comes with the Toolpouch, 5mm and 6mm brass adapters, 4 x nitrile hoses, restricters, comprehensive instructions and warranty. Carbtune Pro is  available worldwide from many dealers. Please click on "Where to buy" page to find where to buy in your region.

 Bike magazine "the throttle response is impossibly crisp"    Video of Carbtune in use


In the RiDE magazine test on motorcycle carburetor synchronizers the Carbtune scored the highest and was the only tool to be "Recommended." See review


Carbtune comes with Toolpouch for storage

Tool pouch

Specially designed to hold the gauge, hoses and adaptors






Where to buy

The New Carbtune Pro - the best at any price

The new Carbtune Pro. Using the same principle as the Carbtune II but is upgraded and redesigned to ensure better and more consistent assembly and performance.

It contains NO mercury or any liquids.

Carbtune Pro synchronizes the carbs on Honda Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati, Guzzi, Laverda and Triumph  motorcycles and virtually any other multi-carburetted or fuel injected engine.

This website has lots of information about the Carbtune. You can buy the Carbtune here Where to buy. 

Carbtune Pro also works with fuel injection throttle bodies.

Save money and service your own vehicles. Don't pay those big hourly garage labour rates when you can do it yourself easily and quickly.

Easily and accurately sync 4-stroke outboards, snowmobiles, microlight aircraft and sports cars. Also works on some 2-stroke engines like Suzuki triples.

Each Carbtune Pro kit comes complete with Toolpouch, warranty, comprehensive instructions, nitrile hoses, restricters and 5mm and 6mm adapters to fit virtually any motorcycle.

Morgan sells the new Carbtune Pro to customers through dealers worldwide. Mostly these dealers are in your country so there are no exchange rates or international taxes or import duties to worry about.

Top quality equipment at an affordable price




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