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bevel 90 degree pilot screwdriver

Professional 90 degree screwdriver. 480mm long (19inches) approx. Comes in a quality heavy moulded plastic box.

Very short slot bit as standard. Seven alternativelength bits (5 x slot, 2 x star) fit in second bevel drive head.

Side fixing steadying handle fits on the shaft inany place and at any rotated angle as below

bevel side handle

Bevel drive and the 2 standard heads. They just screw onto the bevel drive. The slot head needs only 32mm clearance.  On the 2nd head the bits are held by the brass knurled attachment.


Second head attached with longer slot bit attached

Optional 3rd bevel head. £12 extra on shopping cart and £9 if bought with Bevel Screwdriver. This is a standard hex bit holder that will hold any bit that fits a power screwdriver, slot, philips, pozi, allen, torx etc.

The £9 optional 3rd bevel head with an allen bit attached.


Detail of bevel drive and head.

The Bevel 90Carburettor Pilot Adjustment Tool - Makes pilot Adjustment Easy!

Bevel 90 is a professional quality tool at asensible price. Perfect for those impossible to reach idle mixture screws and at afractionof the price of OE tools.

Features Include:
Bevel gearbox drive with zero free play ensuresaccurate adjustment.

Standard slot  screwdriver for veryinaccessible screws. Only 32mm clearance needed. Seven extra bits (5 x slot, 2 x star) fitin alternative bevel head drive.
Different length slot and phillips bits for more or less accessiblepilot screws.
Side grip handle fits any position on the shaft and can be rotated toany angle for easy steadying of the screwdriver.

£5 optional 3rd hex drive bevel head. Works with standard power screwdriver bits, slot, philips, pozi, allen, torx etc.

(On 91-03 Honda 750 Nighhawks there's an oil supply pipe directly underthe head of the #2 pilot screw. This obstructs access to this screw.)

£47 for this professional tool. £12 for optional hex drive head. £9 when bought with the bevel screwdriver.



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